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We Love the Children Fighting Cancer we seek to send support, compassion, and care in every way possible.


We work on a national scale is through our frequent trips to Washington, D.C., to speak with members of the House and Senate about the need to raise awareness and finance funding. To date, we have made about 15 trips, and we intend to continue our frequent visits.

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GRC is on a constant campaign to make the media and local groups aware of Childhood Cancer, an area that is extremely under-served. In addition to local organizations, GRC also works nationally.

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Family Mentoring

Our support network helps families both medically and emotionally. Medically, we provide  mentoring services and family resources.Emotionally, we interact with these families as individuals and meet their day-to-day needs, attempting to offer them some normalcy and stability.

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Working locally and nationally, we have created contacts nationally and locally. One current project which requires widespread attention is the compassionate use process, which is being pushed through the FDA.

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The Pot of Gold

A Gift to A Child Fighting Cancer

We fight the battle against Childhood Cancer on a one-to-one basis through our Pot of Gold.  Pot of Gold focuses on both the child and the family, ensuring that both have the materials they need in this trying time. The children have contents related to their interests, while the parents receive items which improve their quality of life and ability to care for their children.

We need your help.  Will you consider sponsoring a Pot of Gold for a child fighting cancer?  We are able to continue this program due to generous people like you.

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Pot of Gold Deliveries Needed

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Our Role in the Childhood Cancer Fight

Advocacy Engagement with Federal & Local Government

To date, we have made about 15 trips. We need to ensure that those who have political power remember the children who need their help.

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Support Families through Mentorship

Our most important mission is to provide families with the support they need in their most challenging time.

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Raise Awareness Where it Matters Most

A child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes.  Gold Rush Cure works to make sure that no family is left without help or hope.

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Encourage Collaboration in the Community

Gold Rush Cure Foundation has made huge strides in working with people and corporations in a variety of fields.

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A Healthy Child Has Many Wishes, A Sick Child Has One

Working to support kids with cancer is our mission and we will continue to support them in every way possible.

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