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Advocacy for Change giving a voice to the voiceless.

We work nationally by advocating for Childhood Cancer research funding and awareness.  

Whether with planning trips to Washington, D.C., raising local awareness, or reaching out digitally, GRCF works to reach out to everyone in order to fight for funding.

A key long-term mission is local and national advocacy. As a local company, GRC focuses on local awareness by relying on personal connections and word of mouth. By reaching out to individuals locally, we ensure a great home base which can donate time, energy, and financial support. By making these local connections, we are able to highlight bills which can help our cause. Additionally, we advocate on an individual basis by ensuring that families have the information and resources they need to fight this disease.

Another way we work on a national scale is through our frequent trips to Washington, D.C., to speak with members of the House and Senate about the need to raise awareness and finance funding. To date, we have made about 15 trips, and we intend to continue our frequent visits. We need to ensure that those who have political power remember the children who need their help.

Protect Our Kids & Ask Lawmakers to Step Up

Creating Change in Federal Childhood Cancer Policy

We blend our local and national approach by bringing local, Orange County people on our advocacy trips. The severity and frequency of Childhood Cancer, as seen in Christian’s case, makes it necessary for us to move this cause forward. The real world is this: Childhood Cancer is prevalent, deadly, and under-funded. 

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There are several ways that people like you can help. First, you could donate to GRC, the foundation which makes all of our advocacy possible. Second, you could register to join our advocacy trips. Lastly, you could work with us locally to make sure that GRC has the support it needs.

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