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Family Mentoring Supporting the Families and Children with Childhood Cancer

Our most important mission is to provide families with the support they need in their most P1110778achallenging time.

Our support network helps families both medically and emotionally. Medically, we provide  mentoring services and family resources.  Emotionally, we interact with these families as individuals and meet their day-to-day needs, attempting to offer them some normalcy and stability.

GRC helps families and children in a variety of ways, not limited to mentoring, providing resources, and supplying Pots of Gold. For now, we want to give you a brief snapshot of each one.

Mentoring Families and Family Resources- The most important feature of our program is the mentoring and education we offer to families who face the diagnosis of childhood cancer. One of our founders, Sandy, experienced firsthand the struggle to learn and understand the medical world while attempting to comprehend, emotionally, the disease that was devastating to her family. Through our mentoring and education program, we offer support in the form of resources, therapy, and a shared determination to defeat childhood cancer.

Pot of Gold – Pot of Gold is our newest project. Like our foundation’s name, the pots are gold, the color of Childhood Cancer. Although the overt purpose of these pots is gifts for the children related to their interests, the underlying goal is to provide parents the material they will need. In addition to the children’s gifts, the pots contain gift cards, electronic devices, and medical information and resources. The contents of these pots will ease the parents into this new phase of their lives and facilitate the understanding and organization of medical records and information.

Our support system is financed and sustained by both groups and individuals. Any contribution is able to touch a child.  To find out more, click here.