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Raising Awareness Childhood Cancer is one of the least recognized and most under-served, but most deadly forms of cancer.

awarenessMore children are lost to cancer in the United States than any other disease.  A child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes.  Gold Rush Cure works to make sure that no family is left without help or hope.

How do we raise awareness?

GRC is on a constant campaign to make the media and local groups aware of Childhood Cancer, an area that is extremely under-served. In addition to local organizations, GRC also works nationally.

Newly Diagnosed Families – In order to work proactively, we need to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, especially the importance of early diagnosis and funding. Sandy connects private groups with government entities in order to help the families. For new diagnosed patients and families, we provide the resources necessary for them to navigate the cause:

  • knowing how to find the financial support they need.
  • knowing how to work with hospitals that – in order to keep an account – do not tell parents they can move to a better oncology site.
  • understanding the medications and clinical trials available to their children.
  • contacting public/private partnerships for pharmaceutical and clinical study outreach.
  • recognizing that GRC will stand behind them and support them through every step of their journey.

How Does Gold Rush Cure Raise Awareness?

We Are On A Constant Campaign


GRC works with hospitals who have oncology units which are not centers of excellence. In order to improve patient care, Sandy and other advocates explain how oncology centers can participate in clinical trials and create clinical trial partnerships with drug therapy companies. In the case of the Barker family, Christian went through unnecessary suffering because he was not given a drug which would have made his treatment easier. The drug which could have helped him was still in clinical trials for adults, and he was not permitted an exception.


Sandy is a huge advocate of Compassionate Use, which allows individuals to benefit from clinical trials in extreme cases.

Local Media

In order for our campaign to be successful, we do not just focus on widespread awareness, but also making sure that the right groups, people with the power to reach others, are involved. California is a state which contributes to charities on a large scale; however, Childhood Cancer has not benefited from its generosity. It is time to change the way we think about cancer, and our children are hanging in the balance; GRC is the mechanism which will correct this imbalance. We recently participated in a story with CNN in order to discuss our local involvement and mission. GRC is focused on making the media aware of the widespread nature of CC and the innumerable families who have been affected by this disease.

Pot of Gold Program

GRC’s newest program is focused on individuals, ensuring that families have access to the resources they will need upon diagnosis. Although much of the Pot is directed at the child, the families will receive immeasurably important information which will help ease then into the world of Childhood Cancer.