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Supporting Children with Cancer

Delivering support, cheer, and happiness through our nationwide Pot of Gold Program.

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Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Pot of Gold Program

We’re Helping Kids Fighting Cancer…

Gold Rush Cure is in the childhood cancer fight.  A 501 (c)(3) organization that started in California with chapters nationwide, we are helping support childhood cancer families with our Pot of Gold Program

Join the Cause to Support Our Heroes

In our country more children are lost to cancer than any other disease.  This is more than many other childhood diseases combined.

Gold Rush Cure delivers the Pot of Gold to children with cancer all over the US.  It is a unique opportunity to show our support and care while bringing smiles to their faces during a very difficult journey.


A Gift Program for Children With Cancer

We fight the battle against Childhood Cancer on a one-to-one basis through our Pot of Gold.  Pot of Gold focuses on both the child and the family, ensuring that both have the materials they need in this trying time. The children have contents related to their interests, while the parents receive items which improve their quality of life and ability to care for their children.

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Who We Are


Help Make Memories

How the Pot of Gold Program Works

Connect With the Family

Through our partnership with the Children’s Hospital team we connect with the family in need.  Referrals are the fastest way to deliver a Pot of Gold.

Learn About their Interests

We reach out to the family and ask about the child, their interests, needs, and hobbies.  Every Pot of Gold is customized and purchased just for them.

Deliver A Pot of Gold

A Gold Rush Cure Foundation representative will deliver the Pot of Gold to the child and the family.  We love this step the most.

Where We’ve Delivered


Our 2015 Funding Level Commitments for Pot of Gold Deliveries

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2015 Pot of Gold Sponsorship Goal

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You may know Dani and Lizzy, they are amazing artists! We want to share their post for any of you who is interested in having your child (angel) included in their upcoming video ... See MoreSee Less

HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! PLEASE SHARE!!!!! SUBMIT PHOTOS AND VIDEO OF YOUR LOST LOVED ONES, FOR OUR OFFICIAL DANCING IN THE SKY VIDEO!!! ***CLICK LINK TO SUBMIT PHOTOS/VIDEOS: **** DO NOT POST IN COMMENTS. POSTING TO FACEBOOK WILL NOT BE A PROPER SUBMISSION. THANKS! Hey Everyone! We have a very special announcement to make. We have been so blessed and overwhelmed with the success of Dancing In The Sky. It is a song that has touched many hearts, and we are both so proud of how this song has affected people. We have always wanted to do a proper video for this song. Since we have recently completed a new version; that will be on our upcoming album "Work Of Heart", we thought it was a great opportunity for us to finally make that video! We don’t want to give away all the details, but part of what this video will involve is getting people who have been touched by the song to send in photos of themselves holding a picture of someone they have lost or video clips where you are with someone who you have since lost. It is very important that the pictures and videos include you, and not only the person you have lost. We say that because part of the message we want to send is not just about missing people who we have lost, but also about how important it is to continue living in the face of tragedy. It is not just about the people who died, but about the people who continue to live. That’s the message we want to send. What we need from you is a picture and/or video clip, as well as some brief information about the person you lost. There are also legalities involved in making videos like this, so we would ask you to sign a release form that allows us to use the materials and information that you send us. Some people will not be comfortable submitting photos and video clips for this project, and we certainly understand and respect that. We just feel it would be a very special way to honor both the people we have lost, and the people who are still here and keep the memories alive. If you are interested in submitting material, please click on the link below. We may not be able to include all the content that is sent in, but we are grateful for every story and memory you choose to share with us and will be randomly selecting submitted material for inclusion in the final video. We are going to be doing this very soon, so we would need to get this from you no later than December 9th, 2015. Thanks again for all the support. It means more to us than you will ever know. Yours truly, Dani and Lizzy Content Submission Form:

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God Bless your family Ridge's Rocky Road with Bloodstream Cancer on your Birthday. You impacted our lives, and we miss and love you ... See MoreSee Less

I thought today, the day before Ridge's birthday, would be a good time to make a post. Last year I was ahead of myself and thought the date was Nov 15th but it was actually the 14th. Due to my error, lots of kids thought it was Ridge's birthday. This meant that Ridge was getting lots of birthday messages on social media. Of course it didn't take long for it to get out that I was a day ahead of myself (did I mention that I was a little extra crazy during this time?) and that his birthday was actually the next day. But that just meant that Ridge had an extra day of reading messages from all his friends. Looking back I'm so happy he had an extra day of fun reading his messages. One of the pictures attached to this post is of him sitting outside in our front yard looking at the decorations and reading his birthday messages on his cell phone. The other picture was on his 17th birthday, before cancer was a word that we associated with kids. Ridge was home for his last birthday as he had just finished round 3 of chemo and was waiting to recover before returning for the final round. Going back for the 4th round was very difficult for all of us as we knew it would be the most difficult round due to the new medication that he would be given. We were aware that it was the most harsh drug; however, we had no idea that it would wind up to be fatal to him. Since Ridge's passing just over 7 months ago there have been lots of emotions that I'm dealing with. I've lost some of my hair, gained weight, found anxiety, fought with my family & been very angry at God. But through it all, I'm still standing and now I'm starting to grow new hair, lose a little weight, manage my anxiety as well as my relationship with my family. And most importantly, I am starting to repair my relationship with God. I'm so grateful that He is a mighty God and He can take my anger. Please don't mistake that anger with me losing my faith, as I have always had faith in Jesus. I was so sure that a miracle was going to happen and that Ridge would be healed because after all we had thousands of people praying for Ridge, including kids from several different schools who had never prayed before. As Ridge took his last breaths I kept praying for God to hurry up and perform His miracle. When that didn't happen my heart was broken and as a result most of my anger was directed at God. One of the things we wanted to make clear at Ridge's Celebration of Life was that God was not confused and wondering what was going on with Ridge. Thank you Mat & Scott for making that point very clear to the 1,300 people that attended. Even though I know that my plan is not greater than God's plan, I am a mother heartbroken because of the loss of her child and the only one I could be mad at was God. Now that I'm focusing on what I need to do for the future, I have come to the realization that I must let go of the anger. Of course a part of my heart will always be missing and I'm sad that I'm without Ridge but when I think of him, I think of him in heaven having a blast snowboarding, surfing & playing soccer. I picture him with his red cheeks and big smile because he's so happy to be where he's at. You may have noticed that I've not said much about Vince, Haily & Seana but it's because I don't want to speak for them. However, Vince is back to golfing (hurray), Haily is very busy in Flagstaff at NAU doing well in her forestry program and Seana is going to Mesa Community College and seems to be enjoying it - except for calculus. And Zeus is happy in the back yard now that the weather has cooled off. I know it can be awkward for some people to know what to say, wondering if you should even mention Ridge, but we all have talked about it and we all love to talk about him. We may laugh or we may cry (depending on the day we're having) but please know we do love to talk about him as it helps to keep his memory alive. As you can imagine this journey has changed all of our lives and we see things a bit differently. Helping others and getting more involved is playing a big role. Thanks to Children's Cancer Network (CCN) I have had a couple of great opportunities at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH). I've been able to go to PCH and speak with nurses who are going through training to administer chemo to the children. I have such a special fondness for nurses as they really made a difference in helping us through all this. I've also started a grief group through CCN. It's been slow getting started but we are getting there and it's making a difference. Patti Luttrell invited me to help her represent CCN at the Grand Canyon University's "Run to Fight" which benefits PCH & CCN. If you want to run, walk or volunteer to help, it will take place on March 12, 2016. You can google it and their website will come up. One of the reasons I believe I was invited to join is because "Team Ridge" put together the largest team for the Champ 5K run last September. I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to see people getting involved to help kids with cancer & their families. You all have been so incredible and I will be forever grateful!

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so happy Stephen is enjoying life #dwyerstrong ... See MoreSee Less

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sending love and prayers to you Kin Can Kick It Hang in there, you're a hero :) ... See MoreSee Less

It's been a not-so-pleasant weekend! Getting IV antibiotics, drawing cultures, IVIG, swabs and fluids. Praying for guidance and answers! BMT life is a challenge!

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Gold Rush Cure Foundation updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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