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Supporting Children with Cancer

Delivering support, cheer, and happiness through our nationwide Pot of Gold Program.

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Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Pot of Gold Program

We’re Helping Kids Fighting Cancer…

Gold Rush Cure is in the childhood cancer fight.  A 501 (c)(3) organization that started in California with chapters nationwide, we are helping support childhood cancer families with our Pot of Gold Program

Join the Cause to Support Our Heroes

In our country more children are lost to cancer than any other disease.  This is more than many other childhood diseases combined.

Gold Rush Cure delivers the Pot of Gold to children with cancer all over the US.  It is a unique opportunity to show our support and care while bringing smiles to their faces during a very difficult journey.


A Gift Program for Children With Cancer

We fight the battle against Childhood Cancer on a one-to-one basis through our Pot of Gold.  Pot of Gold focuses on both the child and the family, ensuring that both have the materials they need in this trying time. The children have contents related to their interests, while the parents receive items which improve their quality of life and ability to care for their children.

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Who We Are


Help Make Memories

How the Pot of Gold Program Works

Connect With the Family

Through our partnership with the Children’s Hospital team we connect with the family in need.  Referrals are the fastest way to deliver a Pot of Gold.

Learn About their Interests

We reach out to the family and ask about the child, their interests, needs, and hobbies.  Every Pot of Gold is customized and purchased just for them.

Deliver A Pot of Gold

A Gold Rush Cure Foundation representative will deliver the Pot of Gold to the child and the family.  We love this step the most.

Where We’ve Delivered


Our 2016 Funding Level Commitments for Pot of Gold Deliveries

240 To Go

2016 Pot of Gold Sponsorship Goal

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One of our San Diego Pot of Gold recipients, Brycen, surrounded by the entire Cathedral Catholic High School student body. Please keep Brycen in your prayers. ... See MoreSee Less

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We will always hold Ridge in our hearts. We were very happy that we got to do a Pot of Gold for him. Please read his Mom's post as she and we support her message A lot is going on in AZ today as one of our Public Schools is not going to permit another Pot of Gold recipient and great friend of Ridge, Stephen Dwyer to walk in his high school graduation ceremony. Please read her message ... See MoreSee Less

As you all know, I don't typically rant and rave on facebook; nor do I get overly dramatic (even though there have been many times that I've had good reason to). But today, something was shared with me that I just can't keep quiet about. The injustices of all cancer, but especially childhood cancer, are really too many to get into but the one I heard about today pushed me over the edge. I am posting very difficult pictures of Ridge because I want to make a dramatic point. These pictures will upset many people and I can just about guarantee you that many will "unlike" this page because the realities of cancer are not pretty. Some of you may wonder why anyone even took a picture like this. The reason is that Ridge asked me to take pictures of his entire journey so that in the future he would be able to look back and see what he overcame. My hope is that this post will be read by someone who will be able to make a difference in the future for some kid that is going through serious health related problems. The picture of Ridge on the ventilator was taken in Dec ember. Clearly he was in a bad place at that time. He rebounded and actually made it out of ICU on January 1st. He was cancer free at that time but the treatment damaged his heart which landed him back in ICU later in January. One of the things that was very important to Ridge, and remained important through nearly his entire journey was that he would be able to walk at his senior high school graduation with his classmates. It was so important that his online teacher actually came to the hospital in February to tutor him so that he could achieve that goal. I can tell from this picture that it was after his recover because the strokes that he suffered in December partially paralyzed his face. I hope this gives you a clear picture of how important this was to him. By this time he was robbed of so many things that many seniors look forward to that it just didn't seem right that he wouldn't be able to walk with his class. It just so happened that the administration at Corona agreed. Even if he was short of a few credits, he would have been allowed to walk with his graduating class. Please DO NOT mistake that with him receiving his diploma. He really didn't care about the diploma as he knew he could get that later; what he really wanted was to be included in the graduation ceremony. As you know, he died in April and did not walk with class (but his sister did and she was able to walk for not only herself, but him as well). So now to the point I am trying to make. It was brought to my attention this morning that Stephen Dwyer, a senior at Dobson High School, is not able to walk at the graduation ceremony because he's a few credits short. He's an incredible kid who like Ridge is not looking to get his diploma but he'd like to participate in the ceremony. He went through treatment at PCH while Ridge was there and he was even in ICU during some of the same time. He is now out of the hospital and doing amazing but of course being out of school left him a bit behind. He's a great student, very involved not only at school but in his community trying to bring awareness to childhood cancer. Is it really too much to ask that he be allowed to walk at graduation? Apparently the people making the decision at his school believe so. I know it's too late for this to make a difference for Stephen but I hope it will make a difference for other kids in the future. If the people making these types of decisions could only see the bigger picture it would go a long ways to make a horrible illness just a little bit more bearable. If I knew how to share Stephen's page or tag him in the post I would but I can't figure out how to do it. To follow Stephen's quest to make a difference go to his facebook page at "Dwyer Strong".

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Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is a fantastic partner of Gold Rush Cure Foundation! Mark Peterson created the Nugget Bucket with his kids in mind, getting them away from their T.V's and video games and back outside!! What he created for his kids is now loved and used by gold miners everywhere! Just recently David Hyslop joined sandy on a Pot of Gold delivery to see their Nugget pails bringing fun, and joy to kids fighting cancer!! Gold Rush Nugget Bucket was originally showcased on the Shark Tank, and since that time has been highly successful in spreading the joy of gold mining across the Country! Watch next Friday, and please like their Facebook page and visit their website!!
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Here's the inventor Mark with his daughter a few years ago! Gotta love the adventure in finding gold with your family! #goldrushnuggetbucket #familyfun #goldpanning

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Looking so good!!!! Happy Birthday ... See MoreSee Less

Happy 18th Birthday Stephen! You continue to amaze us everyday! Your grace, strength, faith and patience make this world a better place. Now let's celebrate!!

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Another San Diego Pot of Gold delivery.
Check out precious Grayson! He was so excited about his Pot of Gold, especially the train table!
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Gold Rush Cure Announces Partnership with Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

In the Spring of 2015 Gold Rush Nugget Bucket became a Partner in our cause! They were looking for just the right non-profit organization to partner with and although we have our names in common, we learned that they had a huge desire to also help children who are battling cancer! GRNB along with their manufacturer donate the Camo and the pink Nugget Bucket Pails to all chapters of GRCF and they are used in our Pot of Gold Campaign.